Welcome to Mini Luxury Lane

Here at Mini Luxury Lane we want the best for you and your little one. Mini Luxury Lane was opened in June 2019 when I became a mommy to my first baby girl, Kyra Rai. Being a new mom to a baby girl meant having a real-life goal to doll and dress up my baby! Naturally, I was on the hunt for the cutest baby clothes, but I could not find what I had always envisioned my little girl would wear at Local Stores. I became obsessed with the idea of fashionable baby clothing, and I decided to use my artistic background towards dolling up other babies and ended up opening up my own boutique.

As the Business grew, so did my ability to understand my client’s needs, and I found myself to be more selective when looking for new items. All our collection is limited stock and are Hand-picked by our team in Canada at the highest quality possible, dedicated to bring the best of the best but for less.

Thank you to our Beautiful customers, we have rapidly grown to be one of the loved e-commerce boutiques.

Thank you for reading my story and shopping with us!